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Someone On The Internet Is Wrong

Anything cancer related is a big emotional trigger for me, especially misleading information and terrible cancer journalism. So when otherwise well-meaning people pass around articles that are full of studies quoted out of context, references to anecdotal evidence and facts twisted to fit the author’s personal predilections, I see red.

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Geeking out

Nerd-fest weekend.

Spent Saturday tuning up my Mac. Cleaning up the hard drive, downloading and running a bunch of disk utility programs like Onyx.

Then spent an evening with the fine fellows from my LARP. We’re on summer hiatus but we still get together monthly at someone’s house just for the fun of it.

Today was spent with a Shaw tech troubleshooting low RF signals on my line and getting my PVR working correctly again.

Then spent the evening installing VirtualBox on my Mac and getting a copy of Ubuntu running in it. Hours of fussing with installing guest extensions to get 3D rendering working correctly and then installing a copy of TOR just to say I did.

If you understood all the above, then you’re nerdier than I am and I salute you.

That in mind, here’s the week’s wrap-up.

Weight: 326.6 pounds
Change: -2.6 pound

Sunday wrap-up

Just a quick one in the ten minutes before I toddle off to bed.

Thursday I had a spiral of depression as I did my daily check on the scale and found I had managed to gain a whole pound.

Intellectually, I know this is nothing to be concerned with – the vagaries of human physiology mean a body can shift through several pounds a day for a multitude of factors. Overall it is the entire trend downwards to be watchful of, not individual readings.

Logic aside, it wasn’t until the next morning when my scale reached a new record loss that I truly felt better. Apparently this is a depression trigger for me. Something to watch for.

I’m going to attempt to weigh myself only once a week, to catch the trend downwards. Sunday mornings, before I breakfast.

That in mind, here’s the week’s wrap-up.

Weight: 328.2 pounds
Change: -1 pound
Words written: 1,981

Looking at the numbers

The math of biology intrigues me.

There’s really few hard answers in biology. Doctor’s don’t understand so much of how the body really works. Nutrition advice changes daily, new studies show connections one day and then are refuted the next. What we knew about biology ten years ago is out of date today. Even five years. Even one year.

The laws of thermodynamics, however, are well known and come down to numbers. And they apply to fat burning. Read the rest of this entry


We’re all friends here, right? We can talk about anything?

Over the last 15 years, I’ve lost over 100 pounds of weight.

Of course, I gained over 200 over the same time period. Read the rest of this entry