Sunday wrap-up

Just a quick one in the ten minutes before I toddle off to bed.

Thursday I had a spiral of depression as I did my daily check on the scale and found I had managed to gain a whole pound.

Intellectually, I know this is nothing to be concerned with – the vagaries of human physiology mean a body can shift through several pounds a day for a multitude of factors. Overall it is the entire trend downwards to be watchful of, not individual readings.

Logic aside, it wasn’t until the next morning when my scale reached a new record loss that I truly felt better. Apparently this is a depression trigger for me. Something to watch for.

I’m going to attempt to weigh myself only once a week, to catch the trend downwards. Sunday mornings, before I breakfast.

That in mind, here’s the week’s wrap-up.

Weight: 328.2 pounds
Change: -1 pound
Words written: 1,981

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40+ stepfather and husband. King of the geeks.

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  1. Start taking Vitamin B and St. John’s Wort, between the two you’ll have a lot less downswings. They help battle stress and depression very very effectively.

  2. I’m much the same way, looking at the scale and seeing a gain…which makes me feel worse, which makes me turn to food, which results in a gain…

    I’ve taken to weighing myself once or twice a week, at most, like you are about to. Keep it up, amigo! j00 can do it!

  3. Be proud of every accomplishment. You are doing great.

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