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Geeking out

Nerd-fest weekend.

Spent Saturday tuning up my Mac. Cleaning up the hard drive, downloading and running a bunch of disk utility programs like Onyx.

Then spent an evening with the fine fellows from my LARP. We’re on summer hiatus but we still get together monthly at someone’s house just for the fun of it.

Today was spent with a Shaw tech troubleshooting low RF signals on my line and getting my PVR working correctly again.

Then spent the evening installing VirtualBox on my Mac and getting a copy of Ubuntu running in it. Hours of fussing with installing guest extensions to get 3D rendering working correctly and then installing a copy of TOR just to say I did.

If you understood all the above, then you’re nerdier than I am and I salute you.

That in mind, here’s the week’s wrap-up.

Weight: 326.6 pounds
Change: -2.6 pound