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Daddy-Daughter Binge Watching: Young Justice

Young JusticeMy daughter loves spending a bit of quality TV time with me as we unwind from the day. Finally tired of watching interminable replays ofGood Luck Charlie and iCarly, I suggested we pop over to Netflix and give something there a try. There’s been no turning back.CONTINUE READING



FODMAP Diet: Day 20 – Lactose and Fructans

Note on my last post: I talked about FODMAPs as items that are not digested well or can ferment in the intestines. It’s important to note that it’s not the poor digestion or fermentation that is the issue. This happens in all people, but one of the theories on IBS is that sufferers are more sensitive to the side effects such as bloating from increased water in the bowels or gas production. Normal processes cause distress resulting in pain.

After over two weeks of sticking to low-lactose diet,  I ramped up to the  full FODMAP diet on Monday of this week. This post is all about how I handled reducing my lactose intake and my first experiences with pulling wheat out as well.

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